Big Ben, the iconic clock tower located in the Palace of Westminster in London, did not go quiet in 2017. However, there was a period of silence that lasted from August 2017 to early 2022 due to a major renovation project.

In 2017, the clock tower’s famous bell, also known as Big Ben, underwent necessary maintenance work. During this period, the bell was temporarily disconnected and did not chime regularly. However, it still tolled on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Remembrance Sunday.

The renovation project aimed to restore and repair the aging infrastructure of the tower, including the clock mechanism and the Elizabeth Tower itself. As part of the restoration, a temporary mechanism was installed to ensure that the clock continued to keep time accurately.

The bell chimed for the last time before the renovation work began on August 21, 2017, and remained silent until it resumed regular chimes on New Year’s Eve in 2021. The full restoration of the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, is expected to be completed in 2022.

So, while Big Ben did experience a period of silence starting in 2017, it was not a permanent cessation but rather a temporary measure for necessary renovation work.